Let it Happen Again

Memorial Day came and went and just like that did my comment to healthy life. Something i am finding is we are making a lifestyle change, i keep letting myself eat the junk and tell myself that i will do better tomorrow but tomorrow comes and i want the taste of the ice cream or pizza again and it becomes an endless loop that is always pulling me in the wrong direction.

So this time I am going to look at differently, I am going to look at it as a lifestyle change but the exercise will be the key. Call us a Lima Cyclery so we can get you the home equipment you need to get this going right. I find myself constantly trying to go to the gym but then finding excuses not to go over there. With the equipment at home and the investment made it is harder to tell myself it will be okay if i skip today. If you have old equipment at home give us a call and we will get it brought in for a tune-up. You don’t want to get hurt because something isn’t working like it is suppose to.

This week we are going to push hard and spend time on the treadmill again and add some body weight exercises in. Easy things we can do at home to get the process going right.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – 30 minutes of running, i prefer the treadmill on a medium speed and tall height setting. It gives that legs a good muscle workout at the same time

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday – 15 minutes on that treadmill, 50 jumping jacks, and plank as long as you can. Use your weight to your advantage to help get you moving and burning the calories.

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